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BBVA Open Ciudad de Valencia is pleased to present Sports Unlimited – Scholarships for Success as new Official Partner of this eagerly awaited tournament. A Valencian company fully committed to our country’s young athletes whose mission is none other than to help them pursue their dreams through sports and academic scholarships in the US.

Academic study is as important as sports, and in American university life, there’s no separation between concepts like studies and the high performance found in competitive sports… Sports Unlimited – Scholarships for Success was conceived and set up some years ago with this vision and philosophy.

As organisers we’re delighted to have this official partner with its solid track record and international experience. The company aims to help talented young people in the world of tennis and many other sports to continue on their way without being forced to renounce their academic studies, essential for being able to carve out a professional future once their sporting careers are over.

We’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to come to the Sports Unlimited – Scholarships for Success stand from 19 to 27 November and visit their website:

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