Diario AS: Twelve scholarship recipients are due to land in the United States in August

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Yesterday was the start of the Sports Unlimited III Tryout, in collaboration with the Atlético de Madrid Foundation, for university scholarships in the US (which cover between 70% and 100% of the cost). For this edition, 36 candidates appeared in front of two American coaches. Compilation tapes will also be sent to numerous colleges for their benefit.

In August, 12 scholarship recipients will land in the United States, proof of the success of tests carried out previously in El Cerro. This means that Torralba (forward), Sendín (centre), Adán and Segarra (midfielders) will play for West Virginia UIT; Navarro (goalkeeper) will play at Union College; Albendea, Escudero (midfielders) and Goñi (forward) join Bethel University; Brais (winger) will go to Dayton; Martí (goalkeeper) will play in Benedictine; and Liñán (centre) will enrol at Lindenwood, a university that will also get David Fernández in 2015. They’ll all be joining Sergio Royo, who thanks to this programme completed a great season at Northwestern University in Ohio. His goals, as well as good grades, led him to renew his scholarship and improve it until he covered all his expenses.

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